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December cold – unprecedented?

BBC news has reported that 40,000 homes are still without water in Northern Ireland after the recent spell of freezing temperatures. Many have been without water for more than 10 days, and reservoirs are being drained due to an unprecedented … Continue reading

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Terence Kealey: What Does Climategate Say About Science?

John A: This is a provocative essay, and I’ve thought of at least a couple of replies to counter some of the arguments, but I think it deserves a wider audience. The Global Warming Policy Foundation by Dr Terence Kealey, Vice-Chancellor, University … Continue reading

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New tool for climate change prediction – broken glass

This press release is brought to you by our friends at the National Science Foundation, it is not a joke. However, it is too odd not to spoof a bit. Here are some preliminary results, there’s more at the end … Continue reading

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Prediction is hard, especially of the future.

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach [UPDATE]: I have added a discussion of the size of the model error at the end of this post. Over at Judith Curry’s climate blog, the NASA climate scientist Dr. Andrew Lacis has been providing … Continue reading

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Time Magazine blizzard science sets low standard for green journalism

“The line must be drawn here! This far and no further!” Bryan Walsh deserves a giant watermelon for his journalistic efforts this Time around in his annual piece on global warming causing blizzards. He comes out swinging right away:  “A … Continue reading

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