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Northeast US blizzard proves global warming, or something

As the snow piles up over the Northeast, it is clear that global warming or climate change has caused this storm.  Please take the opportunity to write up a prospective/perspective article as comments and I will combine them into the … Continue reading

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New Hampshire to Consider Withdrawing from RGGI

RGGI is the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, created by a group of ten northeastern states. RGGI runs a carbon trading scheme with the primary goal to reduce CO₂ emissions. Permits are auctioned off quarterly, September’s auction only sold 75% of … Continue reading

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Things we don’t know – about climate

This is a guest post by Paul Murphy – and I’d like to thank Mr. Watts for giving me this opportunity to present it here. This is a very long post by WUWT standards – nearly 3,000 words all driving … Continue reading

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First white Christmas in Atlanta since 1882, NCDC gets new snow record in their own backyard

Apologies to my readers and my family, I made the mistake of watching TV today. So I had to report on this rare weather event. Here’s what the National Weather Service serving Atlanta says about it:

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A CARB Christmas

Ah, heck. I made the mistake of turning on my PC and looking at Russ Steele’s blog this morning. At least I slept in. Poor Rudolph. Now the other reindeer will really laugh and call him names, especially with that … Continue reading

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CO2: Ice Cores vs. Plant Stomata

Guest post by David Middleton INTRODUCTION Anyone who has spent any amount of time reviewing climate science literature has probably seen variations of the following chart… A record of atmospheric CO2 over the last 1,000 years constructed from Antarctic ice … Continue reading

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