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Call for guest authors

WE HAVE ENOUGH – Thanks I have been blogging mostly non-stop since I started this blog in November 2006, with a couple of breaks over weekends, illnesses, and during some travel. WUWT now has over 4700 stories, and half a … Continue reading

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The Madden – Julian Oscillation

In a recent discussion in comments regarding the AO (Arctic Oscillation), this subject was brought up by R. Gates (IIRC) I thought I would make it prime time for the educational value it offers.

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No, it is not what you think…

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Heading for half a million comments

Who will it be? It is likely to happen in the next 12-24 hours.

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Cryosat ice mission returns first science data

NOTE: The image below is NOT sea ice thickness, but ocean topography. Radar data from the European satellite has been used to make a map of ocean circulation across the Arctic basin. Cryosat’s primary mission is to measure sea-ice thickness, … Continue reading

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Red Faces At The Met Office

From the GWPF, here’s a collection of articles that are collectively ripping the Met Office a “new one”. And, it is easy to see why. Here’s the Met Office supercomputer enhanced model output forecast from October 2010: The map and … Continue reading

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SORCE’s Solar Spectral Surprise – UV declined, TSI constant

From NASA’s website (h/t to David Archibald) By Adam Voiland NASA’s Earth Science News Team Two satellite instruments aboard NASA’s Solar Radiation & Climate Experiment (SORCE) mission — the Total Solar Irradiance Monitor (TIM) and the Solar Irradiance Monitor (SIM) … Continue reading

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