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Arctic Oscillation spoiling NASA GISS party

Note: I want to thank everyone who commented here and elsewhere regarding my last post about GISS that sent everyone into a tizzy. All that is very helpful. Here’s more on GISS and the AO. -Anthony Effects of the Positive … Continue reading

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Clueless bloggers attack Fox News for memo that says “show both sides” of the global warming/cooling story

Joe Romm and Al Gore share one thing in common besides being paid for blogging, writing, and making opinions on climate to scare the dickens out of people: they don’t understand what journalism is supposed to be about. Not only … Continue reading

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The periodic table becomes a weight watcher

From the “not etched in stone department”, via Eurekalert we learn that  Atomic weights of 10 elements on periodic table about to make an historic change showing that everything we thought we knew, is still subject to revision as we … Continue reading

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Software tip: How to save yourself at least $250

Yesterday I had a request from a client for a network diagram for a system I’m designing, and normally I create such drawings as a PNG file. But this client said “no, I need it in Visio, or similar style … Continue reading

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Hump Day Hilarity: songs for round up day

This is amusing: We sing at events supporting peace and social justice around Oxfordshire. That description from their web page seems nice, until you listen to what they are singing.

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Global tropical cyclone activity still in the tank

Even with the expected active 2010 North Atlantic hurricane season, which accounts on average for about 1/5 of global annual hurricane output, the rest of the global tropics has been historically quiet.  The Western North Pacific this year has seen … Continue reading

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“Sustainability” continues to run amok in my town

I’ve written about this before. We have a group of citizens here in town called the “sustainability task force” which is highly influenced by the eco-zealotry of Chico State University pushing their ideas of how everyone should live onto the … Continue reading

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