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Global Eruption Rocks the Sun

I should point out that thanks to the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), we can see things that we’ve never seen before. So while this event is unprecedented in the history of science, it is likely “business as usual” for old … Continue reading

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Voyager1 – so far out, there’s no solar wind anymore

What is really amazing is that the probe still operates after over 3 decades, which is a testament to the design team. It’s a SNAP to keep powered up though. – Anthony Artist concept of Voyager near interstellar space. Image … Continue reading

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Satellites Image the Urban Heat Islands in the Northeast

Gee where have we seen something like this before? Dads/Moms and Grandparents: if you’d like your children/grandchildren to be able to do something on UHI for the spring science fair, here’s an easy to do idea. – Anthony From Science … Continue reading

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Dueling press releases – which is it: dead or weakened?

It’s AGU week in San Francisco, of course that means the annual barrage of science by press release. I was struck by this juxtaposition of two press releases at Eurekalert this morning. Note the headlines of the screencap below: Here … Continue reading

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Quote Of The Week – AGW statistical futility

Here’s a quote related to the McShane and Wyner discussion brought to light thanks to Gavin Schmidt and Michael Mann at RealClimate that I happen to agree with. Yes I know, that’s a shock to some. This quote is from … Continue reading

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NASA’s Terra Satellite Images Minnesota’s Blizzard Aftermath

From Science @ NASA.gov The upper Midwest was hit by a powerful winter storm this past weekend as more than 17 inches of snow brought down the roof to the Metrodome football complex (link added by WUWT)  in Minneapolis. NASA’s … Continue reading

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