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A helpful note to Dr. Eric Steig

Perhaps Dr. Steig was too busy writing snark (in response to a peer reviewed paper that is a rebuttal his own) to figure it out, but this made me laugh. Comment # 6 in this thread over at Real Climate … Continue reading

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“Gore Effect” strikes again: new coldest ever December record low temperature in Cancun

God indeed has a sense of humor. From Weather Underground: Here’s the actual METAR data, showing 10°C (50.0°F):

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Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Andrew Lacis and the good folks at GISS have a new paper, Atmospheric CO2: Principal Control Knob Governing Earth’s Temperature, Andrew A. Lacis, Gavin A. Schmidt, David Rind, Reto A. Ruedy 15 OCTOBER 2010 VOL … Continue reading

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The Dessler Cloud Feedback Paper in Science: A Step Backward for Climate Research

How’s this for “rapid response“? This rebuttal comes out at exactly the same time the press embargo lifts in Science. We were able to obtain advance copies of the Dessler paper, plus Dr. Spencer had seen it as a poster … Continue reading

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Monckton’s Mexican Missive #3

The abdication of the West From The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, Cancun, Mexico, Dec 9th, 2010 I usually add some gentle humor to these reports. Not today. Read this and weep. Notwithstanding the carefully-orchestrated propaganda to the effect that nothing … Continue reading

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UK’s coldest December (so far) in 100 years, brush fires in Israel

Roads closed, no petrol? How will Phil Jones get to work? – Anthony Now the Army moves in to clear away snow in coldest December for 100 years as fuel runs out at petrol stations in Scotland and East Anglia … Continue reading

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Is the warming in the 20th century extraordinary?

WUWT readers, Figure 4 is noteworthy, because it points out the trend of 20th century warming in context with other periods of warming derived from the ice core record. I suggest you bookmark this post and that graph, as it … Continue reading

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The Story Told by the Southern Oscillation Index

Guest post by David Archibald Bob Tisdale’s post on ENSO on 19th November prompted me to see what I could find in the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) data. The SOI is calculated from the monthly or seasonal fluctuations in the … Continue reading

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