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Arsenic and post-haste: another example of the broken peer review process turned “science by press release”

Did “go fever” push NASA to publicly announce science to the MSM that wasn’t well peer reviewed? WUWT readers may recall that I conjectured about the cryptic press release NASA made last week that set the blogosphere afire. See NASA’s … Continue reading

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NASA climate model shows plants slow Global Warming by creating a new negative feedback in response to increased CO2

  From NASA Earth Science news: A new NASA computer modeling effort has found that additional growth of plants and trees in a world with doubled atmospheric carbon dioxide levels would create a new negative feedback – a cooling effect … Continue reading

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Massive solar filament eruption captured by SDO

The Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite captured this image yesterday. A massive filament on the Sun erupted in a stunning display as seen here in the videos below. The giant solar eruption created a long filament of magnetic plasma, which extended … Continue reading

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Monckton’s Mexican Missive #2

Yes, we have no bananas From The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley in Cancun, Mexico at COP16 via SPPI I dined with Dr. Roy Spencer as the Atlantic rollers swished and crashed against the long, sandy beach here in Cancun. We … Continue reading

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News bites: The Green Energy Collapse

From the GWPF, a collection of headlines: Across the world, unsustainable subsidies for wind and solar are being cut back.—Lawrence Solomon, – Financial Post, 3 December 2010 The French government is planning to suspend feed-in tariffs for new photovoltaic installations … Continue reading

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Exposed: A $7-billion carbon scam

Here’s more clear evidence that the Carbon Trading industry is doomed. Not only has carbon trading been halted in the USA due to lack of a market and ludicrously low prices of a nickel per ton, now it has been … Continue reading

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Antarctic Ozone Hole smallest in five years

  From MSNBC: WELLINGTON, New Zealand — International efforts to phase out the use of chlorofluorocarbons and other ozone-depleting substances may be paying off, according to research revealed Friday by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – “weather is not climate”, flaming edition

Over at The Air Vent, Jeff reviewed the book “Warnings” by CCM Mike Smith.  This is a book about weather, weather forecasting, severe weather events, and the people and technology that save lives and help people in their daily lives … Continue reading

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