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More satellite images of snow-bound UK

Snow from space: University of Leicester releases satellite images of snow-bound UK Satellite images of UK under snow available IMAGE: This is an image of snow-bound UK from space by MERIS on Nov. 29.  Click here for more information. Earth … Continue reading

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AGW Defender Flowchart

Submitted by bsfootprint in WUWT Tips and Notes I’ve been following the online global warming climate change climate disruption debate of late, and I thought it might be helpful to diagram common pro-AGW responses to skeptics. So: here’s a flowchart … Continue reading

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Environmentalist marries Gaia in E-ceremony

From the Huffington Post, a tale of bliss. WUWT Readers may remember Mr. Bloom from a  previous story where he did something outlandish, but it appears he was simply protecting his future bride. There’s no mention at HuffPo if Earth … Continue reading

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More on the Wikileaks Climate Cables

Wikileaks first climate cables By Ecotretas Reading through the few Wikileaks cables related to climate, the tip of the iceberg becomes visible. The most interesting seems to involve the usual pressures related to top level nominations: in this case, the … Continue reading

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Google Earth announces new “earth engine” at Cancun

It appears to be designed to do photo trend analysis of landsat and other satellite imagery. From the Google Earth Engine page: A planetary-scale platform for environmental data & analysis Google Earth Engine brings together the world’s satellite imagery—trillions of scientific … Continue reading

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