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Friday Funny – Surreal Climate #5

Josh of cartoonsbyjosh.com has a take on Cancun…. About these ads

About these ads
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Wikileaks cables: on climate, IPCC, Copenhagen

This just in, I’m blogging from a public terminal at a hospital, more later: WikiLeaks cables: Cancún climate talks doomed to fail, says EU president Herman van Rompuy dismisses Copenhagen climate summit as ‘incredible disaster’ and expects Cancún to be no … Continue reading

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Nov. 2010 UAH Global Temperature Update: +0.38 deg. C

from drroyspencer.com December 3rd, 2010 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. YR MON GLOBE NH SH TROPICS 2010 1 0.648 0.860 0.436 0.681 2010 2 0.603 0.720 0.486 0.791 2010 3 0.653 0.850 0.455 0.726 2010 4 0.501 0.799 0.203 … Continue reading

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A Year After Climategate, The Corruption Of Science Persists

The following report is from Benny Peiser’s blog The Global Warming Policy Foundation: It is a year since the so-called Climategate e-mails were leaked. Since then, we have had freezing winters in Europe and the US, and revelations of gross … Continue reading

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Open Thread

[posted by autoscheduler] I’ll be offline and out of town for medical issues most of today and tomorrow, but may check in via my cellphone. If you have story ideas, news, etc be sure to flag the comment for a … Continue reading

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Norway’s coldest November in living memory

Yesterday we saw the satellite image of the UK, buried under snow for the second time in 2010, see UK Covered in snow, for the second winter. And we’ve seen and heard the reports about the impact snow is having in … Continue reading

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“Sahara Solar Breeders” don’t sand a chance

Or, “how to make pie in the sky using our simple recipe”. From the New Scientist, making solar power is just as easy as building a few factories in the middle of the Sahara Desert and then making solar cells … Continue reading

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