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Skeptic paper on Antarctica accepted – rebuts Steig et al

In a blow to the Real Climate “hockey team” one team member’s paper, Steig et al Nature, Jan 22, 2009 (seen at left) has been shown lacking. Once appropriate statistical procedures were applied, the real data spoke clearly, and it … Continue reading

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What’s the best way promote reducing CO2 causing combustion?

Why, start a fire, of course! Surely, only lunatics would use fire as a tool to promote the idea of reducing combustion to bring CO2 levels down to 350ppm. And yet, here we have it. From earth350.org where they write: … Continue reading

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NASA’s extraterrestrial buzz

UPDATE2: 12/2/2010 10:15AM PST, NYT reports on this a full hour before the NASA news conference at 2PM EST (11AMPST) that it is in fact about arsenic microbes. – Anthony UPDATE: It may not be so profound as I conjectured … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – delineating Nature

Usually, I take a cue from some newspaper or web article citing someone or other with some profound or ridiculous comment, but it turns out we have our own profound QOTW right here at WUWT. In the thread: What really … Continue reading

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Pelosi’s Global Warming Panel gets the axe

U.S. Republicans Axe Global Warming Panel From Politico House Republicans will scrap the committee set up by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to investigate global warming, the panel’s top Republican announced Wednesday. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) made official what many had already … Continue reading

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Sea level rise: “jumpy” after last ice age

Image: Global Warming Art – click.  See also this recent WUWT story: Freaking out about NYC sea level rise is easy to do when you don’t pay attention to history From the National Oceanography Centre at the University of Southampton: Global … Continue reading

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Telegraph blunders, assumes Wikileaks was responsible for Climategate emails being made available to the public

While Wikileaks makes headline this week for releasing thousands of diplomatic cables, clueless journalist Tom Chivers of the telegraph does a roundup of “Wikileaks’ 10 greatest stories“. He lists this without realizing that Wikileaks was late to the party started … Continue reading

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Sea Level Rise and Solar Activity

Guest post by David Archibald Successful prediction of levels of solar activity suggests that prediction of other phenomena driven by solar activity might also be successful, and useful. Sea level rise is a concern of some people. President Obama said … Continue reading

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