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New book: Slaying the Sky Dragon

I have not read this book, but it has been raising some volume in Skeptic websites. What strikes me is the number of authors, it has (9 by my count). Strangely, one of the authors, Oliver K. Manuel,  is a … Continue reading

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During Cancun COP16 – calls for a return to WWII style rationing

My parents used to talk about rationing during the war with great apprehension. Clearly the nutters in and supporting Cancun are clueless as to how such a scheme would be viewed by the public. My inbox has lit up today … Continue reading

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Overshoot and Undershoot

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Today I thought I’d discuss my research into what is put forward as one of the key pieces of evidence that GCMs (global climate models) are able to accurately reproduce the climate. This is the … Continue reading

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The little conference that can can’t

Josh, of Cartoons by Josh has a take on the attendance of COP16 at Cancun, said to be down more than 50% over last year’s COP15 shindig in Copenhagen.

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NOAA’s End Game on the 2010 Hurricane Season

NOAA press release below, gotta love the word “onslaught” added for dramatic effect. I’m sure Ryan Maue’s end season summary of hurricane ACE (Accumulated Cyclone Energy) for the 2010 will be forthcoming soon. – Anthony Extremely Active Atlantic Hurricane Season … Continue reading

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CARB delays proposed “false statements” discussion

Readers may recall this story on WUWT: Surreality: CARB contemplating a “skeptical science” regulation with penalties I wrote that: Of course, it’s OK if CARB makes a 340% error of their own while using false data to impose their will … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness Cools In Cancun

The weather isn’t so hot, either. Editorial from: The Washington Times, 29 November 2010 Today, U.N. negotiators will begin two weeks of meetings in Cancun, Mexico, looking for a way to move the climate action agenda forward, impose global carbon emissions caps … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy meter pegged at the New York Times

UPDATE: Andrew Revkin responds with an update on Dot Earth, which I repeat here. He now agrees that privacy expectations were not justified in the UEA Climategate emails. Perhaps now we’ll see some discussions of them, with publications of selected … Continue reading

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