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Joe Bastardi’s 2011 Arctic Sea Ice Prediction

Joe Bastardi paid a visit today in Sea Ice News #30 and left a comment with a forecast. Joe Bastardi says: November 23, 2010 at 3:45 am Keep in mind that while I forecasted a warm summer in the arctic, … Continue reading

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GHCN V3 temperature data errors spotted within a day of release

From the Inconvenient Sceptic, word that the new Global Historical Climatological Network (GHCN) Version 3 may not have significant quality control. He writes: I have been looking at tweaking the blended temperature set that I have been using. My intent … Continue reading

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New peer reviewed study: global warming lowers death rates

The doom and gloom, hell and high water howling seems to have hit a traffic obstacle in the form of a new paper in the UK that shows warmer weather saves lives. I really liked this part: …they found there … Continue reading

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Wegman responds to USA Today

He certainly understands John Mashey. Here are some examples of the debunking for this whole affair:

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Old climate models do a bad job with clouds, so a new model says “warming must be worse”

From the “it’s worse than we modeled department”, a case of “head in the clouds” thinking: From the University of Hawaii at Manoa via Eurekalert press release: Study could mean greater anticipated global warming Current state-of-the-art global climate models predict … Continue reading

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Final 2010 Arctic Sea Ice Summary – Sea Ice News #30

UPDATE: Peter Sinclair shows his true crock colors, and refuses to correct his errors in “crock of the week” even after they’ve been clearly pointed out. Some “journalist”, see update screencap posted below. -Anthony I’m a bit late in getting … Continue reading

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