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The day the SORCE solar satellite was almost lost

This is the little known story of what recently happened to the SORCE spacecraft and how it was nursed back to a mostly operational status over a period of weeks, after nearly dying in the cold of space due to … Continue reading

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Profiling the Largest Solar Explosions

From NASA JPL:  Solar flares – they’re big and they’re fast. They can knock out a satellite or create a beautiful aurora. And the jury is still out on what causes these explosions. Flares, and the related coronal mass ejection, … Continue reading

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Wegman whiners: this post’s for you

Gotta love what’s in the yellow highlight. Since that story was printed in USA Today about the Wegman issues, I’ve been getting an influx of anonymous whiner trolls that are saying things like this: Tamsie Submitted on 2010/11/22 at 11:29 … Continue reading

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Climate change no longer scary in Europe

It’s not the climate, but the tide of opinion that’s changing in Europe and around the globe Guest post by Dr. Hans Labohm The upcoming climate change (and wealth redistribution) summit in Cancun – coupled with Bjorn Lomborg’s ongoing publicity … Continue reading

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Gore admits the obvious: US corn ethanol was not a good policy

Do not expect to read much about this in the NY Times — and definitely don’t expect any follow up questions about his motivation for climate policy ($$$).  Former Vice President Al Gore has admitted that his “support for corn-based … Continue reading

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A double whammy of reality preceding the Cancun COP16 climate summit

From Reuters AlertNet, the International Energy Agency gets it: Fatih Birol, of the IEA, said the gains from the tougher EU reduction target would roughly equal only two weeks of China’s emissions. “The United States and China are essential for … Continue reading

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Missing the big picture on CO2

From the University of Exeter, this press release below and not a peep in it about the El Niño earlier this year that would have helped to degassify CO2 from the warmer portions of the Pacific ocean. But hey, its … Continue reading

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