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Watch: The House Hearing on Global Warming today

The Global Warming hearing today on C-SPAN included Dr. Richard Lindzen, Dr Judth  Curry, Dr. Pat Michaels, Dr. Ben Santer, and Dr. Heidi Cullen, among others. Many didn’t get a chance to watch (to see if Ben Santer “beat the … Continue reading

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Firing Up The Economy, Literally

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve spent the last week in the Solomon Islands, which is northeast of Australia. It’s a wonderful place for me to come back to, even if only for a week, as I lived here for … Continue reading

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Canadian Senate kills climate change bill

Via CBC News, what a great irony for Climategate day: Senate kills climate change bill Last Updated: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 The Canadian Press Senators have voted down an opposition bill to tackle climate change with just days to go … Continue reading

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Unhinged LSU professor gives stemwinding global warming lecture

UPDATE: New video added. See below. Dr. Bradley Schaefer really knows how to reach young college students: spouting hyperbolic proclamations of death and nuclear obliteration.  The Louisiana State University astronomy professor is filmed saying some pretty ugly things, even for … Continue reading

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Al Gore to Host Live InteractiveTown Hall Meeting Today

(Curious that this happens on the anniversary of Climategate…. h/t to Joe D’aleo ) Al Gore will host a live interactive online town hall called Math, Science and the Future of Our Nation today at noon. (12PM EST, 9AM PST) … Continue reading

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Climategate Anniversary Humor

Well, one year ago this week, a tipping point occurred. The apple cart was upset. Richard A. left this humorous satirical comment which seemed appropriate for today, so I’ve elevated it to a full post. Press Relase – CRU East … Continue reading

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The unbearable flatness of 10.7

While sunspots are often the proxy of choice for solar activity reports, the 10.7 cm radio band is also an excellent indicator of solar activity. As you can see in this NOAA graph below, it is slowly coming up, but … Continue reading

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