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In climate world, up is down

Update and brief review below by Ryan Maue… From Reuters Alert Net: Colder winters possible due to climate change-study * Colder winters possible in northern regions * Shrinking sea ice causes airstream anomalies * Finding does not conflict with global … Continue reading

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Constructal GDP

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Encouraged by the response to my post on Adrian Bejan and the Constructal Law, which achieved what might be termed unprecedented levels of tepidity, I persevere. Here’s a lovely look at the energy use of … Continue reading

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By the Book

One year after climategate, a journalist has finally come close to asking the question that Tom Fuller and I wanted them to ask: “Why did Jones ask people to delete mails?” This was context that the mails could not supply. … Continue reading

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Fireworks under fire

UPDATE: Yes, sadly, I had to look. There’s the fireworks and global warming question being bandied about related to the 2012 Olympics. See below the read more line. – Anthony From the Journal of Obvious Science department: Smoke from fireworks … Continue reading

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Montford and Newbery’s submission to the BBC’s Science Coverage Review

I’ll be honest and say that I’m deeply sceptical that this or any other submission will make much difference, but I admire their tenacity. Andrew Montford ( Bishop Hill ) and Tony Newbery (Harmless Sky) have put in a submission … Continue reading

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The Jones “rehabilitation”

UPDATE: A prescient comment from Willis Eschenbach has been added to the body of the story, see below. There’ an article in Nature Magazine which is an interview with Phil Jones of the CRU regarding his role in Climategate and … Continue reading

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