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Mystery “missile launch” off California – solved?

UPDATE: Contrail Science writes: Note to the media – since this was almost certainly Flight AWE808 (US Airways) from Hawaii to Phoenix, why not have a camera crew somewhere in the vicinity (does not need to be exact, or a … Continue reading

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Turning UHI into harvestable electric power

From the University of Rhode Island, some ideas on putting waste city heat to good use. They seem to recognize what most climate scientists don’t. There’s a lot of heat in cities. URI researchers aim to harvest solar energy from … Continue reading

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Tom Fuller exits stage left, poetically

Frequent WUWT contributor Tom Fuller has decided to step away from blogging. His final post is below. Tom provided some greatly appreciated help in keeping WUWT humming while I dealt with family health issues, and so I owe him a … Continue reading

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David Whitehouse: The Climate Coincidence: Why is the temperature unchanging?

From: The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 9 November 2010 It seems probable that 2010 will be in terms of global annual average temperature statistically identical to the annual temperatures of the past decade. Some eminent climatologists, such as Professor Phil … Continue reading

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Peak Oil panic: Oil will run dry before substitutes roll out

Via press release: a forecast study of investor patterns from UC Davis. Stock prices suggest a 90-year gap At the current pace of research and development, global oil will run out 90 years before replacement technologies are ready, says a … Continue reading

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Study says SST convection threshold rising

From the University of Hawaii at Manoa, more of the “more heat = more hurricanes” meme. Threshold sea surface temperature for hurricanes and tropical thunderstorms is rising IMAGE: The average tropical sea surface temperature (black) and an estimate of the … Continue reading

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