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John Abraham panics, apparently he and the AGU are forming a “Climate rapid response team”

UPDATE! See this new press release: AGU backs away from “climate rapid response team” citing faulty reporting Gosh. A “Climate rapid response team” from Minnesota? What will they be armed with? Wits and a hockey stick? So far that hasn’t worked … Continue reading

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A Lazy Rainy Metadata Sunday

Guest post by Steven Mosher I’m feeling lazy today, after a few months of writing code around the metadata question, I have a post to write up about 230 land stations that are located in the ocean. But, I’m feeling … Continue reading

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Phil Jones and the Chinese weather station corruption

WUWT readers may recall the bizarre saga of Douglas Keenan’s attempt to bring the research data of CRU’s Dr. Phil Jones and SUNY’s Dr. Wei Chyung Wang to sunlight, which I’ve covered here and here. At issue, is the metadata … Continue reading

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Why Mitigation Should Not Be the Climate Change Policy of Choice (Even if it’s a Real Problem)

AMS [American Meteorological Society] Policy Statement on Inadvertent Weather Modification Illustrates Fuzzy and Flawed Thinking on Public Policy By Indur M. Goklany The AMS has a new policy statement on Inadvertent Weather Modification (H/T to Prof. Roger Pielke, Sr., 11/4/2010). … Continue reading

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