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California’s Prop 23 and the “big oil money” campaign – outspent 3 to 1

You and I know it was never about facts, it was about hyping the green dream. Just look at the numbers. First from the opposition: Of course they don’t dare mention the amount of money their side has put into … Continue reading

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Oh, that’s gotta hurt

The results are in, and even though Joe Romm suggested: “Please click here and freep this poll until the magazine has the decency to take it down.” He apparently had little effect. I do agree with Joe though, the poll … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – Congressional Frosh

Elmer Beauregard of Minnesotans for Global Warming writes in with today’s funny: M4GW’s Newest Song – I’m a Denier He writes: It’s a parody of “I’m a Believer” written by Neil Diamond and performed by the Monkees. This version was … Continue reading

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Should our biggest climate change fear be fear itself?

Historian Matthias Dörries reveals the role of fear in our understanding of climate change From apocalyptic forecasting to estimates of mass extinctions, climate change is a topic which is filled with fearful predictions for the future. In his latest research, … Continue reading

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Clouds: The Wild Card of Climate Change

I guess they really don’t have a full handle on the science and consensus after all. NSF Releases Online, Multimedia Package Titled, “Clouds: The Wild Card of Climate Change” Reader-friendly multimedia package covers the crucial but enigmatic role of clouds … Continue reading

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Indonesian Volcano eruptions increasing

Indonesia Volcano’s Eruptions Stump Scientists By Lauren Frayer, AOL News Eruptions from Indonesia’s ferocious Mount Merapi keep getting worse, prompting more villagers to run for their lives and puzzling scientists trying to decipher Mother Nature’s plans. Hot ash clouds are … Continue reading

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Water and ice, slip sliding away

From the University of Colorado at Boulder Water flowing through ice sheets accelerates warming, could speed up ice flow Caption: Standing melt water in Greenland crevasses can carry warmth to the ice sheet’s interior, accelerating the thermal response of the … Continue reading

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