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RSS global temperature anomaly takes a dive

I haven’t covered the Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) dataset much lately, since not a lot of interesting things have been happening with it. October 2010 though is a different story. There’s been quite a significant drop in the RSS global … Continue reading

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Carbon Shoe Size Comparisons

Who Really Worries About Carbon Emissions? Carbon Footprints – Source:  SPPI The data below is from various carbon footprint calculators scattered about the web and largely based on EPA emissions estimates and conversations.  Of all the agitators and propagandists lecturing … Continue reading

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Desperation: Robotic Twitter Bot spoofs “Climate Change Deniers”

From Technology Review, a case of desperation. “Let the robot handle it”. I have to chuckle though, since the article cites John Cook’s “Skeptical Science” as an “appropriate scientific source”. Also amusing is “the rejoinders are culled from a university … Continue reading

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NASA GISS being sued over FOIA failures

CEI’s Chris Horner sends word of this development, via The American Spectator: Last night the Competitive Enterprise Institute, through its outside counsel Gibson Dunn, filed its brief arguing against NASA’s rather scattershot and contradictory effort to dismiss our lawsuit requesting … Continue reading

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Atlantic reversal

From Eurekalert: Earth’s climate change 20,000 years ago reversed the circulation of the Atlantic Ocean Global warming today could have similar effects on ocean currents and could accelerate climate change The Atlantic Ocean circulation (termed meridional overturning circulation, MOC) is … Continue reading

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An update from the Thompsons down under

Jo Nova writes an update about the story of the Thompsons. My thanks to all WUWT readers who lended support. Know that your efforts have helped, but the battle continues. On the plus side, eviction has been stayed, for the … Continue reading

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Australia’s ABC has introspection on climate reporting

Having worked in TV and radio for 30 years, this story really hit home for me. When the editors and newscast producers see climate change as ratings losing proposition, you know the battle for eyes and ears has been lost … Continue reading

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