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Sea Ice News #28

I missed doing a Sea Ice News last week due to being a bit discombobulated with family health issues which have now thankfully been resolved, so I’ll pick up here with a new report. The news this week is that … Continue reading

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Metadata Errors in the global weather station database

Errors in GHCN metadata inventories show stations off by as much as 300 kilometers Guest post by Steven Mosher In the debate over the accuracy of the global temperature nothing is more evident than errors in the location data for … Continue reading

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The simple man’s math

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. explains why some leftist bloggers set themselves up for failure when they espouse their intellectual superiority. Screaming “hell, high water, global boiling, climate disruption, etc ” while at the same time saying “you’re too dumb to … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

THIS WEEK: By Ken Haapala, Executive Vice President Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) On Thursday, The French Academy of Sciences released a report declaring the global warming exists and is unquestionably due to human activity. The academy president declared … Continue reading

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New peer reviewed paper says “there appear to have been periods of ice free summers in the central Arctic Ocean” in the early Holocene, about 10-11,000 years ago

We all know how much NSIDC’s Dr. Mark Serreze has been touting the idea of the “Arctic death spiral“,  and we’ve had predictions of ice free summers in 2008, 2013, 2015, 2020, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060, 2070, and 2100 to … Continue reading

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Might Arctic Warming Lead to Catastrophic Methane Releases?

Guest post by Indur M. Goklany In the earlier post reporting on the recent greening of the Arctic, some commentators — Crispin in Waterloo, BillD, Jimbo — have alluded to the notion that Arctic thawing could lead to positive feedback … Continue reading

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NSIDC -vs- Cryosphere Today – a visual discrepancy

I’ve been aware of this for a couple of days on our Sea Ice page, but hadn’t done anything about it since I wanted to see if it might change. When blogger Kate of Small Dead Animals noticed it and … Continue reading

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Disputing The Skeptical Environmentalist

(This IBD Editorial was sent to me by the authors) By WILLIE SOON, ROBERT CARTER AND DAVID LEGATES This is a response to “Why Can’t We Innovate Our Way To A Carbon-Free Energy Future?“, a “Perspective” by Bjorn Lomborg that … Continue reading

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A better idea on fighting malaria

Immunizing Mosquitoes To Fight Malaria By Jesse Emspak, International Business Times   (Photo: Wikipedia / Tim Vickers) A diagram showing the life cycle of malaria parasites. Researchers are proposing that the disease be attacked via immunizing the mosquitoes against the … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: Nutball science on steroids

I don’t actually have this title category, I just invented the title in honor of what I just stumbled across flipping through channels on DirecTV. I landed on the History Channel. Egads! Some diving guys on a boat haul around … Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Truth — Biological Productivity of the Tundra Has Increased Since 1981, Perhaps Due to Warming.

Is that a scary thing? Guest post by Indur M. Goklany In its October 14, 2010 issue, Nature magazine (p. 755) reports on a paper by JMG Hudson and G HR Henry, Increased plant biomass in a High Arctic heath … Continue reading

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Desert tortoise gets fast-tracked to the curb

This cute desert tortoise enjoying the sun and flowers needs to move in order to make way for a new kind of flora in the Mojave desert:  very environmentally friendly solar panel trees.  Environmental regulations and countless required studies usually … Continue reading

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Trenberth on “fixing the IPCC” and “missing heat”

From IEEE Spectrum – How to Fix the Climate-Change Panel Questions for climate modeler and IPCC insider Kevin E. Trenberth   Photo: Roger L. Wollenberg/UPI/Landov New Zealander Kevin E. Trenberth has been a lead author in the last three climate … Continue reading

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Follow Up – today is a GREAT day

No, not just TGIF, I want to give a follow up post to my announcement of  a few weeks ago for my loyal readers because many of you had invested yourselves in my personal challenges.

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NOAA: “Arctic Report Card: Update for 2010”

Guest Post By Arnd Bernaerts, with sincere thanks to Verity at “Digging In the Clay” for permission to repost it here. – Anthony With the message “The Arctic region continues to heat up” the Arctic Report Card: Update for 2010 was … Continue reading

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Global air and sea temperatures starting to drop rapidly

Dr. Roy Spencer has an essay below on sea surface temperatures starting to bottom out, but in addition to that, the UAH daily lower troposphere plot shows a sharp drop also. As this graph of UAH TLT from D Kelly … Continue reading

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Panic: Possible sea level rise to bury old places

From Smithsonian, another worrisome maybe, could be, sea level rise story. At least they said “Should global warming cause sea levels to rise”. Scientists issue call to action for archaeological sites threatened by rising seas Should global warming cause sea … Continue reading

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Watch the “Great Debate” on California’s Prop 23 suspend the AB32 global warming law

Readers may recall yesterday when I wrote about the event sponsored by Chico State University that I was “disinvited” from because I was not allowed to use visuals that I wanted to explain the science. Well, good news, even though … Continue reading

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NASA Goddard Meteorologist talks to the dead

Just in time for Halloween and from the “you just can’t make this stuff up” department we have this tale of hilarity. Rob Gutro is a Deputy News Chief in the office of Public Affairs at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight … Continue reading

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The hilarious Hyundai “carbon free” car commercial

We’ve seen a lot of stupid videos lately, such as the 10:10 fiasco of blowing up school children because they were ambivalent about reducing their carbon footprint. Now, we are treated to a “behind the scenes” video of how Hyundai … Continue reading

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The season of disinvitation continues, Monckton & Delingpole’s MEP affair

Guest post by The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley Dear Anthony, – I’ve enjoyed your series on disinvitation of those who doubt “global warming” by true-believers in the New Religion. Your readers may enjoy the following well-documented account. – Christopher ============================================== … Continue reading

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Save the whales? NOAA is tagging them to map warming

They really need a good labor relations union. They work without pay and don’t even get to say “Thanks for the fish”. Heh. NOAA-Funded Tagging of Narwhals Finds Continued Warming of Southern Baffin Bay Proof-of-Concept Study Published in Journal of … Continue reading

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Dead terran spacecraft find new life in moon orbit

From Science @NASA: A pair of NASA spacecraft that were supposed to be dead last year are instead flying to the Moon for a breakthrough mission in lunar orbit. “Their real names are THEMIS P1 and P2, but I call … Continue reading

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Ugly weather expected on Election Day

The current weather forecast for November 2, 2010 looks ugly for the middle Atlantic East Coast with easterly winds and rain chances set up between a Canadian high pressure cell and a developing SE US low.  Temperatures there are expected … Continue reading

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The season of disinvitation continues: Chico State University can’t handle a slideshow

I wrote back on September 28th about how Dr. Roger Pielke Senior and Dr. Bob Carter had been invited to present their views on climate science, then after the organizers found out what might be discussed, redacted the invitations to … Continue reading

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Pew Poll: Belief in global warming as a serious problem continues to decline

From the Pew Research Center: Views about the existence and causes of global warming have changed little over the past year. A new Pew Research Center poll finds that 59% of adults say there is solid evidence that the earth’s … Continue reading

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Peas, thimbles, deletions, FOI, UEA, CRU, and all that

Note: I felt Steve’s essay deserved the wider audience that WUWT could provide. Be sure to go to this thread at CA to post comments. – Anthony Did Jones Delete Emails? By Steve McIntyre, Climate Audit It turns out that Muir … Continue reading

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The climate monitoring ‘A-Train’

Not to be confused with the “A-Team” of climate scientists, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center announces: Introducing the ‘A-Train’ Artist’s Concept of the A-Train constellation of satellites. Credit: NASA Mention the “A-Train” and most people probably think of the jazz legend … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Save the planet, combine your emails into longer messages

From Warren Meyer at From the Thin Green Line, a reliable source for any absurd science that supports environmental alarmism: Sending and receiving email makes up a full percent of a relatively green person’s annual carbon emissions, the equivalent … Continue reading

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Today is Climate Fools Day

via email: Statement by Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition Today, 27th October 2010, is Climate Fools Day. For the last 20 years politicians, jets setting bureaucrats and vested interests have been plotting how to make Climate Fools of … Continue reading

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Take the Scientific American poll on Judith Curry

Scientific American writes: As a profile of Judith Curry in the November 2010 issue of Scientific American makes clear, the University of Georgia climate scientist has become an increasingly polarizing figure IN the past year or so. … Yet Curry … Continue reading

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Inconvenient hurricane facts

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. had this great set of factoids up on his blog, and I just can’t resist sharing. He writes: Adam Lea, of University College London, shares these interesting hurricane factoids related the the remarkable dearth of US … Continue reading

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Mega storm in the midwest

Of course, it will only be a matter of time before some pundit blames this storm on “global warming”. Readers feel free to post links to such stories in the comments. click images to enlarge. Loop the radar image here … Continue reading

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US Carbon trading – not worth a plug nickel

I wrote a few weeks ago that The only lower price than today’s closing price on a ton of carbon is ZERO. That’s true now more than ever. See the chart below from yesterday’s close of the Chicago Climate Exchange: … Continue reading

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Climate mitigation built on eggshells

No word in yet from the Easter Bunny… Scrambling for climate change solutions Eggshell membrane can absorb 7 times its weight in carbon dioxide The food industry generates a lot of waste products, but one of these, eggshells, could help … Continue reading

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