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AMO+PDO= temperature variation – one graph says it all

Joe D’Aleo and Don Easterbrook have produced a new paper for SPPI. This graph of US Mean temperature versus the AMO and PDO ocean cycles is prominently featured: I particularly liked the regression forecast fit: About these ads

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O…M…G – Video explodes skeptical kids in bloodbath

My Inbox exploded with tips today, this one in particular. This unbelievably vile video from the 10:10 campaign takes the award for the most disgusting climate and carbon reduction video ever. It is in a class by itself, which is … Continue reading

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Lower Than This They Cannot Stoop

Guest Post by Thomas Fuller Depending on when this gets posted, the post Anthony put up titled “O…M…G – Video explodes skeptical kids in bloodbath” may have sunk quite a bit down the pile of posts–Anthony and his squad are … Continue reading

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Global Work Party Day on 10/10/2010: come up with your own event

Canadian actress Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) has produced a great YouTube video urging everyone to participate in’s “Global Work Party Day” on October 10, 2010. From the Huffington Post: Page cites this summer’s floods in Pakistan and the Gulf … Continue reading

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Newly discovered planet may have water on its surface

From the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa The planet, which is probably 30 percent larger than Earth, was discovered using one of the telescopes of the W. M. Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea. It orbits a relatively small star, Gliese … Continue reading

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The Royal Society’s Toned Down Climate Stance

The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 30 September 2010 LONDON, 30 September – The Global Warming Policy Foundation has welcomed the Royal Society’s decision to revise and tone down its position on climate change. Its new climate guide is an improvement … Continue reading

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No evidence for Clovis comet catastrophe, archaeologists say

From University of Chicago Press Journals: New research challenges the controversial theory that an ancient comet impact devastated the Clovis people, one of the earliest known cultures to inhabit North America. Writing in the October issue of Current Anthropology, archaeologists … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather, Extreme Claims

Via email press release: A new paper at SPPI looks at the history of extreme weather events. The on-going claims of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming have been ramped up again lately because of the opportunities presented by the heat wave … Continue reading

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Royal Society blinks – embraces sceptics and uncertainty

WUWT Flashback: Royal Society to review climate consensus position Posted on May 27, 2010 “I don’t think they were very pleased. I don’t think this sort of thing has been done before in the history of the society.” Society to review … Continue reading

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Nicole lasts all of 6-hours as a named tropical storm

Easy come, easy go.  Nicole was upgraded from TD16 at 11 AM and dissipated as a tropical storm at 5 PM.  Nicole joins Tropical Storm Chris from 2000 as the only other 6-hour 35-knot maximum sustained wind tropical storm [since … Continue reading

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White House science advisor Holdren’s climate slide show at Kavli

While Obama seems to be a non-starter on climate, John Holdren is out stumping for climate change issues. For those who wonder what we are up against, watching this slideshow is enlightening. Comments on specific slides welcome. – Anthony Via … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – David Suzuki, a farce of nature

Tagging this one was a tough choice between “Quote of the Week” and “Climate Craziness of the Week”. Quote won. September 27, 2010: Dr. David Suzuki, co-founder of the environmental activist group, The David Suzuki Foundation, is now touring Canada … Continue reading

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Pielke on ground water extraction causing sea level rise

Report On Sea Level Rise And Ground Water Extraction There is a news article from the University of Utrecht [thanks to Erik for alerting us to this!] titled Rising sea levels attributed to global groundwater extraction The article starts with the text “Large-scale … Continue reading

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Admission of unfair dealings by DEC to the Thompsons

For those of you following the governmental abuse of the Thompson farm case in Australia, here is an update, from their own meeting minutes: And there’s a second admission along the same lines:

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Klotzbach and Gray: two week hurricane forecast

We expect that the next two weeks will be characterized by above-average amounts of activity (greater than 130 percent of climatology.) So starts the latest two week forecast from Philip Klotzbach and William Gray at Colorado State University. As you … Continue reading

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The Improving State of the World

With all the gloom and doom being pushed today, the title of this book is one of certain optimism. WUWT reader may recognize the author, Indur M. Goklany, a frequent WUWT contributor. I highly recommend his book, both for the … Continue reading

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Aurora Borealis hits a 100-year low point – sun blamed

via with h/t to Dr. Leif Svalgaard and Indur Goklany The Northern Lights have petered out during the second half of this decade, becoming rarer than at any other time in more than a century, the Finnish Meteorological Institute … Continue reading

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Mexican mudslide update: thousand dead becomes zero

Instead of thousands feared dead, reports are now saying that no one has been confirmed dead, and officials are hopeful that those few missing will be found alive.  This is great news for some regions of Mexico, which have received … Continue reading

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