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New WUWT SST/ENSO page now online

WUWT readers may have noticed a new live image icon on the sidebar today: The new WUWT ENSO/Sea Level/Sea Surface Temperature Page is now online. More reference pages are coming. Be sure to visit and see “Watts Up”. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News #20

By Steve Goddard Arctic Ice (red line above) has dropped just below my June forecast (dashed line.) Over the last two weeks, strong southerly winds reminiscent of 2007 have compacted and melted significant amounts of ice. The modified NSIDC image … Continue reading

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Katrina, 5 years later: still no global warming connection

I remember vividly being on the air at KHSL-TV reporting on this hurricane. I showed the actual path and projected path… …and told people this during my live weather broadcast on Saturday night: This storm will severely impact the critical … Continue reading

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McKitrick: Fix the IPCC process

Excerpts from the Financial Post essay by Ross McKitrick There is too much conflict of interest built into the report-writing process After the Climategate emails scandal of last winter, and discoveries of some embarrassing errors in the work of the … Continue reading

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GISStimating 1998

By Steve Goddard h/t to reader “Phil.” who lead me to this discovery. In a previous article, I discussed how UAH, RSS and HadCrut show 1998 to be the hottest year, while GISS shows 2010 and 2005 to be hotter. … Continue reading

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Is Armagh Burning?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Anthony has highlighted a study by Coughlin and Butler. Their study says that there is little or no urban warming (urban heat island, or UHI) in the temperature record from the Armagh Observatory in Ireland. They say: … Continue reading

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Tisdale rebuttal to JPL’s “Study Finds El Niños are Growing Stronger”

On Lee and McPhaden (2010) “Increasing intensity of El Niño in the central‐equatorial Pacific” Guest post by Bob Tisdale As happens all too often, the press release for a paper has an incorrect title and begins with an unfounded claim. … Continue reading

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