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‘Tornado of fire’ in Brazil

This is an interesting video of a fire vortex that has been making the rounds on the web. I’ve seen this phenomenon before in wildfires here in California, but this one is rather dramatic in color, intensity, and longevity. It’s … Continue reading

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EPA says no to lead ammo ban

In a moment of clarity, the EPA doesn’t ban something. But wait, bigger craziness still looks to be on the horizon. See the end of the story. ========================================== EPA PRESS RELEASE Brendan Gilfillan giflfillan.brendan@epa.gov FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 27, 2010 … Continue reading

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Global Warming Special on Fox News Tonight

From Fox News: Sean Hannity will have a special report: Controlling your carbon footprint has become a global fad, but is it all just a con job? And how much green is it costing you? Sean investigates the truth behind … Continue reading

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Death of an old friend – KHSL radio tower demolition today

On August 27th, 2010, the old KHSL AM radio towers were taken down by a demolition company. The towers were constructed around 1947. After 63 years of continuously serving the Chico area with radio communications of one kind or another the towers … Continue reading

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Tisdale on comparing global climate data with SST

The Global Coverage of NCDC Merged Land + Sea Surface Temperature Data Guest post by Bob Tisdale There are a numerous blogosphere posts about the global coverage, or lack thereof, of the GISS and Hadley Centre land plus sea surface … Continue reading

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Found: solar cycles on another star

Distant Star’s Sound Waves Reveal Cycle Similar to Sun – but the cycle is fast, less than 1 year Star known as HD49933 is located 100 light years away from Earth View a video on the monitoring of the magnetic … Continue reading

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Follow up on the solar-neutrinos-radioactive decay story

Via slashdot: A couple of days ago, WUWT carried a story that was rather shocking: some physicists published claims they have detected a variation in earthly radioactive decay rates, big news by itself, but the shocker is they attributed it … Continue reading

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Pre-empting on the solar curve fit

Guest post by David Archibald We return to Dr Svalgaard’s plot of four solar parameters, updated daily at: http://www.leif.org/research/TSI-SORCE-2008-now.png There are a couple of things to note. Firstly, the solar Mean Field, which is the top line, went into the … Continue reading

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