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Hurricane Danielle back to Cat 2, Earl disintegrating

Note the eye forming on Danielle, Earl is disorganized: Latest bulletins: About these ads

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Fizzing out with Rutgers

From a Rutegers press release Rutgers researchers find a ‘great fizz’ of carbon dioxide at the end of the last ice age Relevance for geo-engineers: What fizzed once, can fizz again Imagine loosening the screw-top of a soda bottle and … Continue reading

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Be a closet climate modeler with Climate@home

First there was SETI@home where you could use spare CPU cycles to look for extraterrestrial signals. Now we have Climate@Home, running NASA GISS modeling software in distributed computing, but no release date yet. Oxford has already created climateprediction.net running BOINC. … Continue reading

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Nothing runs like a Deere – company bails on cap and trade

By Bob Tita Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES CHICAGO -(Dow Jones)- Deere & Co. (DE) has quietly dropped out of a coalition of large companies that has supported a cap-and-trade program for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Deere, the world’s largest manufacturer … Continue reading

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First images from deformable mirror telescope at Big Bear

See amazing new sun images from NJIT’s Big Bear Solar Observatory Caption: The most detailed sunspot ever obtained in visible light was seen by new telescope at NJIT’s Big Bear Solar Observatory. Credit: Big Bear Solar Observatory NJIT Distinguished Professor … Continue reading

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Union of Concerned Scientists start media watch program

I guess Media Matters wasn’t enough? Interesting that they specifically target Fox News via the “Rupert Murdoch” mention. But I’d take their advice and send them alerts, there’s plenty of misrepresentations in the media daily: Monitor the print and broadcast … Continue reading

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Read this about Mars, pass it on, stop the hoax

I get questions about Mars every summer, and they are always related to this same silly chain email. So this year, I felt that being proactive by placing a story on WUWT might help a bit.  I had to chuckle … Continue reading

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Readers may recall some months ago that the Met Office planned to “do over” the surface temperature data sets: Met office pushes a surface temperature data “do over” The effort has started, and a website has been setup at http://www.surfacetemperatures.org They … Continue reading

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