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Climate Craziness of the Week: Study shows carnivore species shrank during global warming

Any number of factors 50 million years ago could cause an animal to change, but surely CO2 must be the culprit according to these folks. They don’t even have a picture of the darn thing I can find. But read … Continue reading

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Danielle a Hurricane again

But just barely…see Danielle in lower right of image Latest news:

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The biggest environmental scandal in history

A UN board could rein in $2.7 billion carbon market to prevent the double dipping of CFC manufacturing incentives and carbon credit sales, as discovered to be happening in China. Guest post by Ric Werme Excerpts from: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100821/ap_on_bi_ge/un_un_carbon_cutting_scheme# reports UNITED … Continue reading

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Danielle now downgraded to tropical storm

From the “no headlines for you!” department, Danielle loses definition. It goes from TS to Hurricane Cat1, Cat2, and back to TS in less than 24 hours…see the image below of Danielle in the lower right: Latest bulletin from NHC:

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Connolley may be out at Wikipedia

For those who don’t know, William Connolley, a Real Climate founding contributor, has been the most prolific climate information gatekeeper at Wikipedia, and was the subject of this Lawrence Solomon article: Wikibullies at work. The National Post exposes broad trust … Continue reading

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WUWT adminstrative note

I’m pleased to announce that with a new WordPress.com upgrade now available, sharing of WUWT posts is now much easier. I’d like to ask WUWT readers to take a moment to familiarize themselves with this new feature. Using it will … Continue reading

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Fireball on Jupiter

From Spaceweather.com On August 20th at 18:22 UT, two amateur astronomers in Japan independently recorded an apparent impact on Jupiter. Masayuki Tachikawa of Kumamoto city was first to report the event. His movie of the fireball shows the fireball scintillating … Continue reading

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Easy Come Easy Go: Danielle back to Cat 1

Well, that was quick. Watch this animation from my radio station web page to see Hurricane Danielle start to disorganize:

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Sea Ice News Arctic mid week update

By Steve Goddard NCEP has changed their forecast, and it now appears there will be above normal temperatures over the Beaufort Sea for the next few days. This will cause continued melt of the low concentration ice, and a downwards … Continue reading

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Danielle now a Category 2 hurricane

From NASA via press release Caption: This high-resolution image from the MODIS instrument that flies about NASA’s Terra satellite was taken shortly after the AIRS image from the Aqua satellite on Aug. 23, and also shows a compact, rounded tropical … Continue reading

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Early Snow in Russia

By Steven Goddard Russia has seen it’s first snow accumulation of the season. http://www.snow-forecast.com/maps/static/europe/last3days/snow According to Rutgers Global Snow Lab, Russia doesn’t normally receive snow until the second week in September.

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