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MIT Professor Kerry Emanuel bothered by on-air meteorologists’ lack of climate science knowledge

Journeyman Pictures has created a little 10-minute documentary that describes the perceived disconnect between the beliefs of on-air meteorologists and climatologists.  Of specific note are the comments of MIT professor Dr. Kerry Emanuel who sets up the premise of the … Continue reading

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Solar flares are teleconnected to earthly radioactive decay

From Stanford University News a really wild must read science discovery. h/t to Leif Svalgaard and WUWT reader “carbon-based-life-form”. The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements When researchers found an unusual linkage between solar flares and the inner … Continue reading

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Danielle now a hurricane

Max winds 75MPH, Category 1. Bulletin:

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Government report: Canadian climate data quality ‘disturbing’

From the “we told you so time and again department”, Canadian weather data is a mess. It took an FOIA to get the “fess up” out in the open. Anybody got a copy of the EC report? So far all … Continue reading

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James Cameron’s folly: ‘Titanic Chicken of the Sea’

Cameron backs out. So much for that attempt to sink skeptical arguments. From King of the World to Chicken of the Sea: Director James Cameron challenges climate skeptics to debate and then bails out at last minute Via the SPPI … Continue reading

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Signs of the times

People send me stuff. Sometimes the Google adwords at WUWT yield interesting things, like this plea to not abandon what has already been abandoned. From the National Resources Defense Council: Tell your senators not to abandon comprehensive climate and energy … Continue reading

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TS Danielle Strengthening

Now up to 65mph, not far from Cat 1 Hurricane category winds. Seems almost sure to be a Hurricane soon. The good news is that the path seems away from the Gulf, and it will help transport some of that … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week- you first, Dr. Thompson

Some days I think it can’t get any crazier out there, and then I’m surprised yet again. From Dr. Loonie Lonnie Thompson, of Ohio State University:

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R expert replicates McShane and Wyner hockey stick analysis

Unlike what we’ve seen previously in climate science, where it takes years of complaints, demands, taunts, FOI’s and other assorted embarrassments to finally pry code and data out of scientists, McShane and Wyner made all their data and code available … Continue reading

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Pachy’s book review

WUWT readers may recall this article and photo from earlier this year: IPCC now in Bizarroland: Pachauri releases “smutty” romance novel Click for more photos from his book release. Well at least one person bought his book Return to Almora, and … Continue reading

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