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Picking Carbonated Cherries In 1975

By Steve Goddard My friend Tamino says that “the modern global warming era starts in 1975.” He goes on : “It’s an estimate of the time at which the trend in global temperature took its modern value.” As you can … Continue reading

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Satellite Study: slowing plant growth, 2000-2009

From NASA: download large image (700 KB, JPEG) acquired January 1, 2000 – December 31, 2009 download large Hemispheric Trends image (81 KB, PDF) Conventional wisdom holds that plants should thrive when temperatures warm and the growing season lengthens under … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Danielle forms

From the National Hurricane Center, word of the fourth tropical storm of the season forming. It’s a Cape Verde storm. Right now the wind forecast has it heading NW. WTNT31 KNHC 222043 TCPAT1 BULLETIN TROPICAL STORM DANIELLE ADVISORY NUMBER   5 … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News #19

By Steve Goddard Barrow, AK early this morning Darkness is returning to the Arctic as the sun moves towards the horizon. In four weeks, the sun will disappear completely at the North Pole. Solar Energy as a function of latitude … Continue reading

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