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Pielke Senior on tree and thermometer divergence

by Dr Roger Pielke, Sr. With the McShane and Wyler paper examining and questioning the method, this look at the proxy data and its problems seems like a relevant issue to review. Comment On Tree Ring Proxy Data and Thermometer … Continue reading

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Another day, overshot to hell

This reminds me of tax freedom day, except the numbers are a lot fuzzier. Carsten Arnholm of Norway tips us to this website peddling this worrisome calculation. I fear and visualize there will be no more food, air, water, or … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Heatwave – The Marble Bar heatwave, 1923-24

With all the caterwauling over the record heat in Moscow over a few days due to a blocking high pressure zone, it would seem valuable to revisit a truly exceptional historical heatwave that occurred long before “global warming” became a … Continue reading

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Modeling predicts “ocean acidification mitigation”

From the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), the University of Southampton, we have what looks to be a another Willis igniter. Limiting ocean acidification under global change Emissions of carbon dioxide are causing ocean acidification … Continue reading

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Weekend levity: Heisenberg’s uncertainty principal components

I didn’t have a “Friday Funny”, (though I suppose you could count the Mann UVA protest) so here’s the latest from Josh at cartoonsbyjosh.com

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Jack Horkheimer (1938-2010)

Jack Horkheimer, Public Television’s “Star Gazer” and the director of Miami’s Space Transit Planetarium,’ died Friday, August 20th, at the age of 72. WUWT readers may fondly remember him at sign off time on PBS-TV, impishly sitting on the ring, … Continue reading

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