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Engelbeen on why he thinks the CO2 increase is man made (part 2)

About the reliability of ice cores… Guest Post by Ferdinand Engelbeen There have been hundreds of reactions to part 1 about the mass balance (http://wattsupwiththat.com/2010/08/05/why-the-co2-increase-is-man-made-part-1 ). Many respondents still are not convinced that the mass balance is a firm proof … Continue reading

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Defenders of Mann stage protest rally at UVA

From NBC29: Protestors, angry with the way Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has tried to make his case, rallied on grounds at the University of Virginia Friday afternoon. Only one small problem…..

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Judith Curry Q&A: RealClimate has “damaged their brand”

Dr. Curry is a lightning rod, but she does have the courage to speak her mind: Via Tom Nelson [Q] Yes, you’ve certainly been raked over pretty good by certain sites like Real Climate and Climate Progress. [Curry] Oh yes. … Continue reading

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Wegener Institute continues Arctic Sea Ice flyovers to gauge thickness

Via press release. Is the ice in the Arctic Ocean getting thinner and thinner? Research aircraft Polar 5 measures thickness of sea ice north of Greenland Bremerhaven, 20th August 2010. The extent of the sea ice in the Arctic will … Continue reading

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GISS Shaping Up To Claim 2010 as #1

By Steve Goddard GISS appears to be working hard to make 2010 the hottest year ever. As you can see in the graph above, they show 2010 with much more area above the 1998 line than below. I did a … Continue reading

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