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Dr. Curry Warms the Southern Ocean

UPDATE: 8/18 10:30AM I spoke with Dr. Judith Curry by telephone today, and she graciously offered the link to the full paper here, and has added this graphic to help clarify the discussion. I have reformatted it to fit this … Continue reading

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Klotzbach and Gray: “the next two weeks should be active”

Guest post by Ric Werme The CSU Klotzbach/Gray Aug 18-31 hurricane forecast is out. Based on the NOAA historical tropical storm and hurricane frequency below, they are betting on an uptick in activity. They’re still looking for active weather: We … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tipping Point

Josh at cartoons by Josh illustrates how the hockey stick continues to be undead in the eyes of its supporters. It is a simple matter of tipping…

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Survey says: many are still clueless on how to save energy

People turn off lights in vain, ignoring real efficiencies A survey on perceptions of how to save energy was done. I found this statement int he conclusion of the paper (see link at end of article) to be a double … Continue reading

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JAXA’s new Venusian orbiter may answer questions

From Science @NASA Japanese Spacecraft Approaches Venus For the next few months, Venus will be softly resplendent in the evening sky, a treat for stargazers – but looks can be deceiving. An artist’s concept of Akatsuki at Venus. Credit: Akihiro … Continue reading

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NCAR’s Dikpati on the extended solar minimum

From UCAR: Extended solar minimum linked to changes in Sun’s conveyor belt BOULDER—A new analysis of the unusually long solar cycle that ended in 2008 suggests that one reason for the long cycle could be a stretching of the Sun’s … Continue reading

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