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McKitrick: gridded climate data over land are likely not “climatically real” but result from data quality problems

Atmospheric Oscillations do not Explain the Temperature-Industrialization Correlation (PDF) (Statistics, Politics, and Policy, Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2010) Ross McKitrick, University of Guelph1 Abstract Gridded land surface temperature data products are used in climatology on the assumption that contaminating … Continue reading

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World Weather Roundup

From the “weather is not climate department” Lots of odd weather events going on worldwide. Snow in Brazil Freeze in Boliva kills wildlfe Heatwave and fires in Russia – but it is not global warming

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Russian Kola data refutes the Mann hockey stick

compare to this: I had mentioned this new dendro paper to Steve McIntyre, who wrote a short note about it while pointing out that: A news release on a new tree ring study here (h/t Anthony Watts) reported a reconstruction … Continue reading

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Another climate cartoon by Josh

Recently there seems to be a certain amount of unjustified criticism of Judith Curry – H/t Bishop Hill – which, tho’ it amounts to not much than hot air, is still worth cartooning.

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Thanks to John Cook for boosting the “Our Climate” app

WUWT readers may recall last week that the “Our Climate” iPhone app was released and announced here. It has quickly become a best seller on the iTunes store. It has also quickly become a target. John Cook, a generally reasonable … Continue reading

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Himalayan warming – pulling another thread from IPCC’s fragile tapestry.

Guest post by Marc Hendrickx The case for dangerous man made global warming hangs on the wall like a frayed medieval tapestry. By pulling just one loose thread the whole thing starts to unravel. We pulled one of those threads … Continue reading

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