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Space researchers illuminate ‘one of the most perplexing puzzles in planetary science’

Discovery of Saturn’s auroral heartbeat An international team of scientists led by Dr Jonathan Nichols of the University of Leicester has discovered that Saturn’s aurora, an ethereal ultraviolet glow which illuminates Saturn’s upper atmosphere near the poles, pulses roughly once … Continue reading

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Discrepancies In Sea Ice Measurements

By Steve Goddard Over the last few weeks I have been tracking what is becoming a large discrepancy between various Arctic sea ice measurements. NSIDC graphs show almost no difference between 2010 and 2007. http://nsidc.org/data/seaice_index/images/daily_images/N_timeseries.png By contrast, DMI graphs show … Continue reading

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We enter the age of “…or else”

Excerpts from: EPA left to pick up climate change where Congress dropped the debate By David A. Fahrenthold and Juliet Eilperin The Obama administration told Congress to find a way to regulate greenhouse gases — or else. Last month, Congress … Continue reading

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Generating energy from ocean waters off Hawaii

This seems like an interesting idea, the feasibility may drop with scale though. College Park, MD (August 3, 2010) — Researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa say that the Leeward side of Hawaiian Islands may be ideal for … Continue reading

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A color scheme change for the SST map

By Steve Goddard WUWT reader “Roy” astutely noted that the NOAA SST map shows a lot of hot yellow, in regions which are just barely above normal temperatures. So I tried an experiment to remove all colors between  -0.5C and … Continue reading

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Morphed Climate/Energy Bill is DOA in the Senate

From:  The Caucus Blog – NYTimes.com Senate Democrats on Tuesday abandoned all hopes of passing even a slimmed-down energy bill before they adjourn for the summer recess, saying that they did not have sufficient votes even for legislation tailored narrowly … Continue reading

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