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Tropical Trio

A trio of tropical storms can be seen on this satellite image below. Former Hurricane Danielle (at top) has simply become a low pressure system now. About these ads

About these ads
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Earl and the East Coast

Earl looks to have a path grazing the East Coast of the USA. Cape Hatteras, Long Island, and Cape Cod may be in a portion of the projected path. Satellite image follows along with a recent bulletin.

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Chicago Climate Exchange drops 50%, new record low

The only lower price than today’s closing price on a ton of carbon is ZERO Perhaps reacting to the news yesterday about the IPCC getting taken to the woodshed, the growing number of stories in the MSM about the IPCC … Continue reading

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Surrounding these recent revelations, some hilarity from the world’s preeminent skeptic cartoonist, Josh.

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EPA fines Tesla Electric Motors $275,000 for non-compliance

In bureaucracy, truth is often stranger than fiction. A non polluting electric car company gets slammed with fine for “non compliance” for a car that can’t produce any emissions. That’s weird enough by itself, but even weirder is what else … Continue reading

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IPCC’s Pachauri should resign for “failures of leadership”

Guest Post by Thomas Fuller There is a core of uber-consulting professionals, jetting around the world advising companies, governments and NGO’s. They are well-educated, have impeccable resumes and travel more than George Clooney did in ‘Up in the Air.’ They … Continue reading

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Does CO₂ heat the troposphere ?

Guest Post by Tom Vonk In a recent post I considered the question in the title. You may see it here : The post generated great deal of interest and many comments. Even if most of the posters understood … Continue reading

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Cooler times ahead: indicators show deepening La Niña

As shown by the indicators on WUWT’s new ENSO/SST page there is a deeping of the La Niña that is starting to rival 2008 in depth. While it hasn’t yet reached the level of the 2008 event, indications are that … Continue reading

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I have a few very important (and personal) announcements to share with the WUWT community because they will impact content and moderation over the next few weeks. Please take a moment to read this.

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Quote of the [expletive deleted] week

Gosh, I try to keep a semblance of decorum here at WUWT. I get upset when name calling starts and moderators are trained to clamp down on this sort of thing. That being said, can you imagine the caterwauling that … Continue reading

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Younger Dryas space impact theory: missing the diamonds

DEEP IMPACT?: This 4 centimeter band of dark sediment uncovered at Murray Spring, Ariz., may indicate a cosmic impact or explosion that kicked off a period of global cooling and a mass extinction in North America. problem is, a researcher … Continue reading

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As a man, I feel eco-discriminated against…

I’m (almost) always a supporter of ideas that conserve energy or resources. Theoretically then, I’d be for this minimalist bathroom idea show below, made with a minimum of materials, it looks like something from IKEA. Only one problem…the dual use … Continue reading

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Judge blocks Cuccinelli investigation into Mann UVa issues

While the IPCC gets taken to the woodshed, Mannian methodology gets another free pass. Cuccinelli left Credit: TIMES-DISPATCH, Dr. Mann, right An Albemarle County judge has dismissed Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s demand that the University of Virginia turn over documents … Continue reading

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IAC slams IPCC process, suggests removal of top officials

UPDATE: The interest in this appears to be so high, that the IPCC server holding the PDF report has crashed @ All links to it are down up now about 2 hours later. Thanks to Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. … Continue reading

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Hurricane Earl strengthening

Now a Cat3 Hurricane, but looks like it will steer away from Gulf but will give some inclement weather to the Cape Hatteras through New England area. Latest bulletin:

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New paper makes a hockey sticky wicket of Mann et al 98/99/08

NOTE: This has been running two weeks at the top of WUWT, discussion has slowed, so I’m placing it back in regular que.  – Anthony UPDATES:

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GRL Study: Dramatic climate change is unpredictable

Update: PDF of this paper is available, see link below The fear that global temperature can change very quickly and cause dramatic climate changes that may have a disastrous impact on many countries and populations is great around the world. … Continue reading

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New WUWT SST/ENSO page now online

WUWT readers may have noticed a new live image icon on the sidebar today: The new WUWT ENSO/Sea Level/Sea Surface Temperature Page is now online. More reference pages are coming. Be sure to visit and see “Watts Up”. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News #20

By Steve Goddard Arctic Ice (red line above) has dropped just below my June forecast (dashed line.) Over the last two weeks, strong southerly winds reminiscent of 2007 have compacted and melted significant amounts of ice. The modified NSIDC image … Continue reading

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Katrina, 5 years later: still no global warming connection

I remember vividly being on the air at KHSL-TV reporting on this hurricane. I showed the actual path and projected path… …and told people this during my live weather broadcast on Saturday night: This storm will severely impact the critical … Continue reading

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McKitrick: Fix the IPCC process

Excerpts from the Financial Post essay by Ross McKitrick There is too much conflict of interest built into the report-writing process After the Climategate emails scandal of last winter, and discoveries of some embarrassing errors in the work of the … Continue reading

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GISStimating 1998

By Steve Goddard h/t to reader “Phil.” who lead me to this discovery. In a previous article, I discussed how UAH, RSS and HadCrut show 1998 to be the hottest year, while GISS shows 2010 and 2005 to be hotter. … Continue reading

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Is Armagh Burning?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Anthony has highlighted a study by Coughlin and Butler. Their study says that there is little or no urban warming (urban heat island, or UHI) in the temperature record from the Armagh Observatory in Ireland. They say: … Continue reading

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Tisdale rebuttal to JPL’s “Study Finds El Niños are Growing Stronger”

On Lee and McPhaden (2010) “Increasing intensity of El Niño in the central‐equatorial Pacific” Guest post by Bob Tisdale As happens all too often, the press release for a paper has an incorrect title and begins with an unfounded claim. … Continue reading

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Sumatran volcano erupts: first time since 1600

Located at 3.17°N 98.392°E the volcano erupted suddenly and without warning. The Jakarta Post and Xinhua have photos of the eruption:

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Congratulations (finally) to Spencer and Braswell on getting their new paper published

WUWT provided a primer on cloud feedbacks on June 12th, 2009, followed by Willis Eschenbach’s “thermostat hypothesis” also recently published. This new paper by Spencer and Braswell is in the same theme as these. On the diagnosis of radiative feedback … Continue reading

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Weather versus climate: sine of the times

Finally, this vexatious question has been settled with a meteorological time series analysis. I’m sure the media and all who support their important work in factual climate reporting will approve.

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Nature notices the SH cold: global warming blamed

The money quote: “With such extreme climatic events potentially becoming more common due to climate change…” Maybe next week Nature will notice La Nina: Cold empties Bolivian rivers of fish Antarctic cold snap kills millions of aquatic animals in the … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

The Week That Was 2010-08-28 (August 28, 2010) Brought to you by The Science and Environmental Policy Project Don’t forget to attend the SEPP-SEEE Climate-Energy Forum at 10:30 am on Sept 25 in the Ernst Community Center at the Annandale … Continue reading

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New El Niño type: worse than we thought

From the Jet Propulsion Lab: NASA/NOAA Study Finds El Niños are Growing Stronger A relatively new type of El Niño, which has its warmest waters in the central-equatorial Pacific Ocean, rather than in the eastern-equatorial Pacific, is becoming more common … Continue reading

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‘Tornado of fire’ in Brazil

This is an interesting video of a fire vortex that has been making the rounds on the web. I’ve seen this phenomenon before in wildfires here in California, but this one is rather dramatic in color, intensity, and longevity. It’s … Continue reading

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EPA says no to lead ammo ban

In a moment of clarity, the EPA doesn’t ban something. But wait, bigger craziness still looks to be on the horizon. See the end of the story. ========================================== EPA PRESS RELEASE Brendan Gilfillan FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 27, 2010 … Continue reading

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Global Warming Special on Fox News Tonight

From Fox News: Sean Hannity will have a special report: Controlling your carbon footprint has become a global fad, but is it all just a con job? And how much green is it costing you? Sean investigates the truth behind … Continue reading

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Death of an old friend – KHSL radio tower demolition today

On August 27th, 2010, the old KHSL AM radio towers were taken down by a demolition company. The towers were constructed around 1947. After 63 years of continuously serving the Chico area with radio communications of one kind or another the towers … Continue reading

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Tisdale on comparing global climate data with SST

The Global Coverage of NCDC Merged Land + Sea Surface Temperature Data Guest post by Bob Tisdale There are a numerous blogosphere posts about the global coverage, or lack thereof, of the GISS and Hadley Centre land plus sea surface … Continue reading

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