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Sense and Sensitivity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach This is an extension of the ideas I laid out as the Thunderstorm Thermostat Hypothesis on WUWT. For those who have not read it, I’ll wait here while you go there and read it … … Continue reading

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BWI snow record rescinded: Another reason why airports aren’t the best place to measure climate data

I’ve mentioned problems with airports as climate stations in the past, mostly that they are pockets of UHI that have grown with the 20th century aviation boom. A good example is Chicago O’Hare airport. I’ll bet that many of you … Continue reading

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Un-bearable news

Excerpts: from the Sunday Times: Polar bear is a ‘new’ species by Jonathan Leake Polar bears may have come into existence only 150,000 years ago, when trapped brown bears had to adapt to an ice age Polar bears may have … Continue reading

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Spencer: Spurious warming demonstrated in CRU surface data

Spurious Warming in the Jones U.S. Temperatures Since 1973 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. INTRODUCTION As I discussed in my last post, I’m exploring the International Surface Hourly (ISH) weather data archived by NOAA to see how a simple … Continue reading

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Archibald on stellar to climate linkage

The Warning in the Stars By David Archibald If climate is not a random walk, then we can predict climate if we understand what drives it.  The energy that stops the Earth from looking like Pluto comes from the Sun, … Continue reading

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Tsunami threat for the Pacific

Of course the big news today is the 8.8 earthquake in Chile and the Tsunami warning stemming from it. There’s not much I could add that’s not already being covered, but I thought this image from the American West Coast … Continue reading

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From the BBC: ‘Iceberg the size of Luxembourg threat‘ – click image for video and watch the collision of two giant ice masses. Of course 50 years ago, such things would likely go unnoticed without satellite imagery. They write:

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The Times: “University ‘tried to mislead MPs on climate change e-mails’”

Reposted from Climate Audit: A savage article in the Times today by Ben Webster about the UEA submission to the UK Parliamentary Inquiry – the letter in which they tried to “trick” the Committee about the contents of the letter … Continue reading

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Institute of Physics on Climategate

Here’s something rather astonishing. The Institute of Physics, has made a statement about climate science. The Institute of Physics is a scientific charity devoted to increasing the practice, understanding and application of physics. It has a worldwide membership of over … Continue reading

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Contribution of USHCN and GISS bias in long-term temperature records for a well-sited rural weather station

Guest post by David W. Schnare, Esq. Ph.D. When Phil Jones suggested that if folks didn’t like his surface temperature reconstructions, then perhaps they should do their own, he was right. The SPPI analysis of rural versus urban trends demonstrates … Continue reading

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Breaking News: IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri to face independent inquiry

Excerpts from the Telegraph article By Geoffrey Lean, in Bali Rajendra Pachauri, the controversial Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is to face an international inquiry into the performance of his organisation. Environment and Climate ministers meeting … Continue reading

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A new paper comparing NCDC rural and urban US surface temperature data

Note: See update below, new graph added. There’s a new paper out by Dr. Edward Long that does some interesting comparisons to NCDC’s raw data (prior to adjustments) that compares rural and urban station data, both raw and adjusted in … Continue reading

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Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. on Fox Business News

UPDATE: Bumped, video of this interview is now available below. I got late word tonight that Dr. Roger Pielke Senior, of the University of Colorado, will be a guest on the FoxBusiness News Channel Friday morning at 10AM EST (7AM … Continue reading

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CTM is Contacted by the Norfolk Constabulary and Responds

by charles the moderator I received the following this morning, Dear Mr Rotter I am part of the enquiry team who are investigating the theft of data from the UEA in Norwich last year. As part of the investigation we … Continue reading

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UEA – the new crimestoppers

Sometimes I wonder what sort of logical thinking skills are employed over at UEA and CRU. Surely, they have little skill with public relations, that has been demonstrated time and again. Climategate itself is a direct result of “failure to … Continue reading

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CRUTEM3 error getting attention by Met Office

This is a repost of two articles from John Graham-Cumming’s blog. I watched with interest earlier this month where he and a colleague identified what they thought to be a math error related to error calculation when applied to grid … Continue reading

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Judith, I love ya, but you’re way wrong …

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Judith Curry posted here on WUWT regarding rebuilding the lost trust we used to have in climate science and climate scientists. This is my response to her post, an expansion and revision of what I … Continue reading

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The great filament

From with apologies to Linus and Charles Schulz The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) is tracking an enormous magnetic filament on the sun. It stretches more than one million kilometers from end to end, which makes it an easy … Continue reading

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