Daily Archives: December 28, 2009

G. P. Bear goes to Washington: part 4

By Bill Steigerwald “Polar bear democracy” Of all the animals the Inuit traditionally hunted, Nanuk, the polar bear, was the most prized. Native hunters considered Nanuk to be wise, powerful, and “almost a man.” Some called the bear “the great … Continue reading

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The Arctic Oscillation Index goes strongly negative

In the last month, the Arctic Oscillation Index (AO) has gone strongly negative. You can see that it headed to its negative peak right about the time the Copenhagen Climate Conference started, so it is no wonder that they ironically … Continue reading

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Glacier melt discovered to have an upside

From Virginia Tech, a surprising study showing some biological benefit of melting glaciers. Glacier melt adds ancient edibles to marine buffet Glaciers along the Gulf of Alaska are enriching stream and near shore marine ecosystems from a surprising source – … Continue reading

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