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News on the new Non Scientist – Updated: now with bullying

Jo Nova has launched a new publication, inspired today by their latest article. Read on. You might think journalists at a popular science magazine would be able to investigate and reason. In DenierGate, watch New Scientist closely, as they do … Continue reading

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AP’s Seth Borenstein left out in the cold at Copenhagen for 7 hours thanks to U.N. incompetence

I try to remind people that the U.N. has not succeeded at much of anything during its history. Mostly it just makes pronouncements and consumes cash. When it comes to doing any real work, they fall down on the job, … Continue reading

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Soot having a big impact on Himalyan temperature – as much or more than GHG’s

From NASA News: New Study Turns Up the Heat on Soot’s Role in Himalayan Warming A new modeling study from NASA confirms that when tiny air pollution particles we commonly call soot – also known as black carbon – travel … Continue reading

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“…anything short of the absolute pursuit of science cannot be accepted or tolerated.”

While Dr. Mann has made statements in the press during the last week to the effect of “I welcome this investigation” I wonder if he’s seen some of the correspondence being sent to PSU regarding him. Here’ s one from … Continue reading

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