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Lots of new cold and snow records in the USA this past week.

From the “weather is not climate” department. 815 new snowfall records, 304 low temperature, and 403 lowest max temperature records were set this week. Here’s a summary: About these ads

About these ads
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Henrik Svensmark collapses at Copenhagen

This is tragic, and hard to watch. [NOTE: I've moved the video below the "read more" line, don't go there if you don't want to watch. I've put up his picture here instead. -A] Good news- I found this Danish … Continue reading

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Frigid Folly: UHI, siting issues, and adjustments in Antarctic GHCN data

A couple of days ago I sent this email to Jeff Id of the Air vent, as he quite familiar with Antarctic surface temperature analysis, having outed the many problems with the Steig et al “Antarctica is Warming” paper, demonstrating … Continue reading

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