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Would You Like Your Temperature Data Homogenized, or Pasteurized?

A Smoldering Gun From Nashville, TN Guest post by Basil Copeland The hits just keep on coming. About the same time that Willis Eschenbach revealed “The Smoking Gun at Darwin Zero,” The UK’s Met Office released a “subset” of the … Continue reading

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GISS “raw” station data – before and after

I’ve been following this issue a few days and looking at a number of stations and had planned to make a detailed post about my findings, but WUWT commenter Steven Douglas posted in comments about this curious change in GISS … Continue reading

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…”perhaps a conspiracy is unnecessary where a carrot will suffice”

We recently had a story about the UK Met Office putting out a petition amongst scientists (even non-climatologists) to prop up the image of the CRU. Some scientists said they felt “pressured” to sign. This story explains how they might … Continue reading

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