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Counting CRU “tricks”

Steve McIntyre has blogged an excellent must read technical explanation about IPCC and the “Trick” on the newly provisioned climateaudit.org now on WordPress.com. He provides the context that CRU says the emails lack. So, I thought this would be a good … Continue reading

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McIntyre to be on CNN’s American Morning Friday

American Morning is aired live every weekday morning from 6 to 9 am EST on CNN. At 7:30 AM EST Friday 12/11 Steve McIntyre will appear at the invitation of John Roberts. Be sure to watch.

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Climategate reaches the British House of Lords

There is the issue of the science, which I had previously taken as given; but many people’s faith is being tested. We are often told that the science is settled. I suppose that is what the Inquisition said to Galileo. … Continue reading

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Spencer on solar geomagnetic to earth climate connections

Geomagnetic Forcing of Earth’s Cloud Cover During 2000-2008? Guest post  by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. I’ll admit to being a skeptic when it comes to other skeptics’ opinions on the potential effects of sunspot activity on climate. Oh, it’s … Continue reading

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The Met Office: making a list – tries to prop up the image of the CRU

Next time some irrationalist complains about a skeptic sponsored list, that includes scientists that are not climatologists, saying such lists are irrelevant, show them this. Show them also the unspoken pressure that some signers have worried about. From The Times … Continue reading

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John Coleman on the “six legged monster”

Guest post by John Coleman – KUSI-TV, Weather Channel Founder December 7, 2009 David and Goliath The 21st century Goliath is Global Warming. It is a powerful six-legged monster. In no order of strength, those legs are: (1) The big … Continue reading

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