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Gavin Schmidt -vs- John Christy on CNN

NASA GISS Gavin Schmidt vs UAH’s John Christy debate on CNN’s Situation Room an hour ago: from Eyeblast.tv Posted using ShareThis h/t to WUWT reader Chris About these ads

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Hockey stick observed in NOAA ice core data

At the Foresight Institute, J. Storrs Hall had some interesting graphs made from NOAA ice core data (Alley, R.B. 2000. The Younger Dryas cold interval as viewed from central Greenland. Quaternary Science Reviews 19:213-226.) It sure seems to mirror other … Continue reading

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Picking out the UHI in climatic temperature records – so easy a 6th grader can do it!

The Urban Heat Island effect on temperature records is real, despite what some people wish you to believe. Peter, a sixth grader, and his dad, thought so too, and take the data from NASA GISS and show in a simple … Continue reading

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Solar geomagnetic activity is at an all time low – what does this mean for climate?

I’ve mentioned this solar data on WUWT several times, it bears repeating again. Yesterday, NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center released their latest data and graph of the interplanetary geomagnetic index (Ap) which is a proxy for the activity of the … Continue reading

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More bad siting in Australian weather stations

WUWT Commenter “Boy on a Bike” was inspired by Willis article on Darwin (See: The Smoking Gun At Darwin Zero) to have a look at stations in his part of the world, he didn’t have to look far. He’s found what … Continue reading

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