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Al Gore can’t tell time – thinks most recent Climategate email is more than 10 years old

Al Gore apparently has no command of the most basic details of anything related to Earth and climate. His last idiotic gaff in the media was that the temperature of the Earth 2 kilometers or so down was millions of … Continue reading

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New Climate Audit Server Migration Completed

If some of you have noticed I’ve been a bit absent from WUWT it is because I’ve been working the last two weeks with Mr. Pete and JohnA to get the climateaudit.org server migrated to a new home. We wanted … Continue reading

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McIntyre on CNN

CNN’s Campbell Brown & John Roberts with Chris Horner, Stephen McIntyre, Michael Oppenheimer. Part 1 Part 2 below:

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Citizens buying advertising against climate change politics

This is rather unique, and it shows the conviction that some individuals have. I’ve often thought that a full page ad in the NYT might get some action, but I really think volume is the answer now on an individual … Continue reading

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More Leaks – Copenhagen in disarray

Leaking, again? These aren’t the CRUTape documents, but secret docs from “the Circle of Commitment”  describing the way some manipulators wanted Copenhagen’s agreement to pan out. See it here This quote (from the Guardian article) sums it up pretty well: … Continue reading

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The Smoking Gun At Darwin Zero

by Willis Eschenbach People keep saying “Yes, the Climategate scientists behaved badly. But that doesn’t mean the data is bad. That doesn’t mean the earth is not warming.” Let me start with the second objection first. The earth has generally … Continue reading

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