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American’s belief of global warming sinking – below 50% for the first time in 2 years

From the CNN Ticker Blog: CNN Poll: Skepticism on global warming heating up? Washington (CNN) – A rise in skepticism among Americans over global warming is mostly due to changes among Republicans, according to new national poll. The CNN/Opinion Research … Continue reading

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NOAA Paper: North American 2008 Cooling Attributed to Natural Causes

Cool sea surface temperatures overrode warming December 4, 2009 Left side: 1970-2007 trend in annual surface air temperature. Right sid: 2008 annual surface air temperature, shown as a departure from the 1971-2000 climatology. High resolution (Credit: NOAA) Cooler North American … Continue reading

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The EPA CO2 regulation – Dec 7th 2009, a day we will not soon forget

EPA’ s Lisa Jackson panders to Copenhagen on opening day. Planned for months of course, with public comment ignored. It is now the people -vs- the EPA, coming to a courtroom near you. From the EPA press release: EPA: Greenhouse … Continue reading

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Dissenting members ask APS to put their policy statement on ice due to Climategate

While Copenhagen and its excesses rage, a quiet revolution is starting. I’d show you the APS logo, but they are so [insert your own adjective here] that they demanded (in writing) the last time I used it that I not … Continue reading

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Monday Funny

The science is “robust”. Credit to: Nate Beeler from the Washington Examiner

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Comprehensive network analysis shows Climategate likely to be a leak

This lends cred to WUWT’s previous analysis done by our own Charles the moderator: The CRUtape Letters™, an Alternative Explanation, Climate-Gate: Leaked by Lance Levsen, Network Analyst – courtesy of Small Dead Animals Introduction Some time starting in mid November 2009, … Continue reading

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December 7th, 2009…a day that will live in hypocrisy

It will be remembered as the day the greens bombed Copenhagen with limousines. Picture updated at 12:30PM – Anthony From the Telegraph, the tale of elitist excess begins: On a normal day, Majken Friss Jorgensen, managing director of Copenhagen’s biggest … Continue reading

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Send a greeting to Copenhagen Conference

Russ Steele writes: During the UN Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP15), the Danish government invites the entire world to send their greetings to the conference. Greetings are submitted through http://www.greetings.cop15.dk and are composed of 150 characters of text. Here is … Continue reading

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