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The Smoking Code, part 2

Climategate Code Analysis Part 2 From Cube Antics, by Robert Greiner There are three common issues that have been raised in my previous post that I would like to officially address concerning the CRU’s source code. If you only get … Continue reading

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Improved dendroclimatology techniques may help end climatic speculation related to tree ring analysis

For all the hubub surrounding Dr. Michael Mann’s hockey stick, the MWP, and throwing out data past 1960 because it didn’t seem to calibrate against the instrumental record, here is a way to put an end to the issue. Have … Continue reading

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Scientists behaving badly – part 2

Viewers won’t remember but one thing about this interview: that a UEA scientist called a skeptic an “assh*le” on live television. It reveals just how rattled they are there at UEA/CRU. NOTE: Updated to the full length version which was … Continue reading

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UK Met Office to release data and code

While this is encouraging news, releasing a subset will fuel some suspicion. A better choice would be to release the entire set. It may be too little, too late, the die of public opinion has been cast. Had they done … Continue reading

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The Weekly Standard: Scientists Behaving Badly

An excellent summary and editorial, well worth the read. Note that Hayward apparently reads WUWT, as he references the “CRUtape Letters”, first published here after being coined by Steve Mosher. – Anthony Excerpts of: Scientists Behaving Badly A corrupt cabal … Continue reading

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