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CSIRO climate researcher resigns rather than be censored

From news.com.au it seems bullying those who have an unpopular opinion about climate issues isn’t limited to the Climategate actors. Clive Spash resigns from CSIRO after climate report ‘censorship’ SCIENTIST Clive Spash has resigned from the CSIRO and called for … Continue reading

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NOAA launches new website: climate.gov

While still carrying the label “Development Prototype”, the website looks mostly functional. http://www.climate.gov It is the effort of the new NOAA Climate Services division – your tax dollars at work.  They write: At this time, the NCS Portal prototype only … Continue reading

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UAH global temperature anomaly for November, up again

From the “WUWT never reports warm events” department: After a drop last month, this is not unexpected, given the time of year. With an El Nino present the tropics and southern hemisphere warmed the most. November 2009 UAH Global Temperature … Continue reading

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Michael Mann Responds to Climategate Allegations

This video from the AccuWeather website. Since Dr. Mann is in the same city, it is easy for them to get an interview, which they did.

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The Sun: falling into an even deeper funk

With Climategate sucking all the oxygen out of the blogosphere, we’ve neglected some of our regular reporting duties here at WUWT. Thanks to Paul Stanko, who has been tracking sunspots for WUWT for awhile now who writes in with this … Continue reading

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NASA’s James Hansen: Copenhagen should fail

From the Guardian: Copenhagen climate change talks must fail, says top scientist Excerpts: ‘We don’t have a leader who is able to grasp [the issue] and say what is really needed. Instead we are trying to continue business as usual,’ … Continue reading

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Goklany on Copenhagen and climate change health risks

This essay was sent to me just about the time “climategate” broke. I regret the delay in publishing it but it is still relevant to the upcoming Copenhagen conference. – Anthony Mr. Ban Ki-moon, get your priorities straight, and quit … Continue reading

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Google trends on “climategate” show public interest increasing – but troubling questions loom

Yet, news stories covering it are dropping at the same time. I got an email from Ahrvid Engholm, an IT journalist in Stockholm, Sweden who was concerned about the “autosuggest” for the word “climategate” in Google disappearing. He was concerned … Continue reading

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Data adjustments in the UK Science Museum “Prove It!” poll on climate

Seems everywhere you look these days, data adjustments are being made. Shortly after WUWT first made the UK Science Museum Prove It! poll on climate change known here, Ric Werme and others have setup tracking systems to log the online … Continue reading

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Now it’s serious, Daily Show’s Jon Stewart mocks Gore and Global Warming

Jon Stewart Mocks: ‘Poor Al Gore. Global warming completely debunked via the very Internet you invented!’ I recall seeing a recent poll or news story where many of the under 25 crowd don’t pay much attention to TV news, but … Continue reading

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Science Museum Prove It! poll now closed – surprising results

Today (1 December 2009) Professor Chris Rapley CBE, Director of the Science Museum and Professor of Climate Science at UCL said: “More work needs to be done to convince people of the reality of human-induced climate change and of the … Continue reading

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