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Telegraph’s Booker on the “climategate” scandal

Excerpts from the Telegraph: A week after my colleague James Delingpole, on his Telegraph blog, coined the term “Climategate” (Note: Delingpole reports via email he got it from WUWT, commenter Bulldust coined the phrase at 3:52PM PST Nov 19th – … Continue reading

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“Climategate” surpasses “Global Warming” on Google

Note: title suffix – “autosuggest still blocked” has been removed, see update2 at bottom of story. We’ve had the term “global warming” in the lexicon since well before the Internet became a household tool, certainly well before Google itself. So … Continue reading

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Spencer: Top 10 Annoyances in the Climate Change Debate

From Dr. Roy Spencer’s blog (with WUWT apologies to Roy and  Wayne and Garth) My Top 10 Annoyances in the Climate Change Debate by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Well, maybe not my top 10…but the first ten that I … Continue reading

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Mann to be investigated by Penn State University review

This statement was released by Penn State here. Oddly, while mentioning the NAS report, there is no mention of the Congressional commissioned Wegman report, which you can see here full report (PDF). Or for a quick read the fact-sheet (PDF). … Continue reading

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Understanding Climategate: Who’s Who – a video

Thanks to MagicJava for putting this into a YouTube video at my request:

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The Curry letter: a word about “deniers”…

This comment was sent to me in case it was not posted at all or in it’s entirety over at Climate Progress. It wasn’t, so I’m repeating it here because I think it is relevant to the discussion that Dr. … Continue reading

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How “The Trick” was pulled off

by Steve McIntyre For the benefit of new readers, we discussed some aspects of the “trick” at Climate Audit in the past. Obviously, the Climategate Letters clarify many things that were murky in the past. On the left is a … Continue reading

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