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Ripples of Climategate? Liberal MP’s desert Turnbull in Australia over emissions trading scheme

Wow, Australia’s parliament just imploded over discord due to emissions trading scheme being pushed by opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull (website here). Here’s the news from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Pretty heavy stuff when Liberal MP’s resign rather than vote for … Continue reading

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Climategate: CATO’s Pat Michaels and Center for American Progress Dan Weiss on Fox News

Dan Weiss from the Center for American Progress seems to have more than a little trouble with this interview. I wonder why they didn’t ask Joe Romm to be on? Left to right: Michaels and Weiss Here’s the video description … Continue reading

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Quote of the week #23 – calls for resignation in Climategate

Calls from the left for the resignation of Dr. Phil Jones from CRU continue to mount, and they are coming from surprising places. For the second time this week, George Monbiot called for the resignation of Dr. Jones saying:

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Uh, oh – raw data in New Zealand tells a different story than the “official” one.

UPDATE: see the end of the article for a response. Reposted from TBR.cc Investigate magazine’s breaking news forum: New Zealand’s NIWA accused of CRU-style temperature faking The New Zealand Government’s chief climate advisory unit NIWA is under fire for allegedly … Continue reading

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Climategate: “Men behaving badly” – a short summary for laymen

Several people have asked me to write a summary for laypeople of the entire CRU hacked emails and files affair, since it is so complex. They wanted something they could send to mom, dad, aunts, uncles who haven’t a clue … Continue reading

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Statement on CRU hacking from the American Meteorological Society

This was just released by the AMS, source is here. I’m reposting here in its entirety. h/t to Mark Johnson Impact of CRU Hacking on the AMS Statement on Climate Change AMS Headquarters has received several inquiries asking if the … Continue reading

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Climategate: hide the decline – codified

WUWT blogging ally Ecotretas writes in to say that he has made a compendium of programming code segments that show comments by the programmer that suggest places where data may be corrected, modified, adjusted, or busted. Some the  HARRY_READ_ME comments … Continue reading

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