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Unbelievable pollution in China – yet the US is the baddie at Copenhagen

We’ve made so much progress in the USA. 75 years ago, we may have witnessed some scenes like this in today’s China. Unfortunately, the de-industrialization of the west just moved the western problems of the past to a country that … Continue reading

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Little Ice Age thermometers – History and Reliability

Little Ice Age thermometers – History and Reliability

Guest post by TonyB

How reliable are The Little Ice Age thermometers ?

The Little Ice age thermometers project is an attempt to compile instrumental readings from 1660 that predate the era of modern ‘global temperatures’ as recorded by Hadley (1850) and Giss (1880). These datasets are accessed from a graphic through this link;


LIA Thermometers Continue reading

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Every cloud has a silver lining – Antarctic glacier retreat creates new carbon dioxide store

From a British Antarctic Survey Press Release. Next time some alarmist wails about ice melt in Antarctica, point them to this story that shows nature has self regulating features for our planet. (h/t to Hu McCullough) Antarctica glacier retreat creates … Continue reading

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Open Thread #3

I’m off this weekend and part of next week– talk quietly and politely amongst yourselves. Don’t make me come back here. If you have something worth posting on the front page, flag a moderator.  Those that want to do guest … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on the Record Highs -vs- Record Lows story

From Roger Pielke Senior: Bias In News Reporting There is a press release on a paper yesterday from NCAR titled Record High Temperatures Far Outpace Record Lows Across U.S. I plan to post on the paper on which this news article … Continue reading

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