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Bombshell from Bristol: Is the airborne fraction of anthropogenic CO2 emissions increasing? – study says “no”

Controversial new climate change results University of Bristol Press release issued 9 November 2009 New data show that the balance between the airborne and the absorbed fraction of carbon dioxide has stayed approximately constant since 1850, despite emissions of carbon … Continue reading

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New geologic evidence of past periods of oscillating, abrupt warming, and cooling

Guest post by Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Emeritus Professor at Western Washington University Two hundred years ago, Charles Lyell coined the phrase “The present is the key to the past.” In today’s highly contentious issues of global climate change, we … Continue reading

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Countdown to an “unprecedented warm decade” – 2 months to go

Global Temperatures This Decade Will Be The Warmest On Record… …And It Will Be Exploited By Those Who Fail To Understand The Reasons For The Rise Guest post by Bob Tisdale INITIAL NOTES For some visitors to this blog, this … Continue reading

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Lindzen and McIntyre’s Finnish TV interview – issues that US journalists fail to investigate

The video showing the climate research work of Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT and Steven McIntyre of Climate Audit is now up on YouTube. One of the most compelling portions of the program has to do with the erroneous reversal … Continue reading

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