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RSS Global Temperature out for October – down, nearly identical to UAH

Here’s the plot from RSS – October is 0.282°C The RSS (Remote Sensing Systems of Santa Rosa, CA) Microwave Sounder Unit (MSU) lower troposphere global temperature anomaly data for March 2009 was published yesterday and has dropped after peaking in … Continue reading

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MIT takes on the politics of climate fixes

Judith Layzer says there’s no easy way out when it comes to climate change — but that geo-engineering might be a last-ditch solution. From David Chandler, MIT News Office In the middle of a day filled with a stream of … Continue reading

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USA Today: Expanding cities contribute to global warming

From Roger Pielke Sr. A very good news article titled Expanding cities contribute to global warming by Doyle Rice has been published on USA Today. The article is based on our paper Fall, S., D. Niyogi, A. Gluhovsky, R. A. … Continue reading

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Watching Ida – back to a tropical storm

BUMPED, UPDATED: TS Ida, once hurricane Ida and a Cat 2 storm last night, has now fallen apart. To help you keep an eye on it, I have the satellite imagery here along with animated loops. Animate this image: Loop … Continue reading

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Jan Janssen’s presentation on Solar Cycle 24 hints at Dalton or Maunder type minimum ahead

David Archibald forwarded me this PowerPoint presentation from Jan Janssens which he presented on October 22nd. It has some very interesting slides and is a good summary of the current debate over solar cycle 24. I’ve put the entire slide … Continue reading

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Antimatter signature spotted in Earth’s lightning

Personally, I think this has to do with thunderstorms being essentially linear accelerators, vertical SLAC’s if you will. Huge charge differentials from top of cloud to bottom makes for a nice particle slingshot. There’s plenty of opportunity for antimatter (positrons) … Continue reading

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