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A tale of two overkills

The pyramid of aluminum shown in the photograph figures greatly in our nation’s history. This once rare metal was so prized that it was placed into a national monument by a grateful nation. Can you guess where? Now, aluminum is … Continue reading

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Chilled Kiwi’s: Coldest October since 1945

From the weather is not climate department, it seems that the USA is not the only country experiencing an October cold snap. Coldest October in 64 years LATEST: It will come as little surprise to most New Zealanders that the … Continue reading

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Quote of the week #22 – Experts say that fears surrounding climate change are overblown

The Times posted a surprising story this weekend that has skeptics cheering and alarmists hopping mad. It’s deja vu all over again. (See QOTW#21) Roger Pielke Sr. will be happy, because land use change is prominently mentioned. Here’s the line: … Continue reading

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Close call – Asteroid near miss for Earth yesterday

From NASA’s Spaceweather.com and NASA JPL Twitter feed. It only takes one missed space rock to ruin your day. On Friday November 6th at 2132 UT (16:32/ 4:32PM EST) asteroid 2009 VA barely missed Earth when it flew just 14,000 … Continue reading

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October 2009 3rd Coldest for US in 115 Years, What about the Upcoming Winter?

Guest post by Joseph D’Aleo AMS fellow, CCM NCDC has compiled the October temperatures and it ended up the 3rd coldest in 115 years. As we have shown it was cold over almost all the lower 48. Indeed only Florida … Continue reading

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